From the imposing mountains to the Trabocchi Coast


“Imagine being lulled by the song of cicadas and watching long lines of vineyards and olive trees, the silhouette of a bell tower in the middle of a village and, between the intersections of smooth hills, the blue brightness of the sea. Imagine turning slowly around and seeing, on the opposite side, stunning mountains hiding refreshing crystalline waters and secret pathways waiting to be explored: this is not a dream or an imaginary landscape, this is Abruzzo.”

Valentina M. – Mar del Plata, Argentina


Abruzzo is one of the hidden gems of Italy: lesser-known and undiscovered, this region has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers.

Not far from Rome and with its own international airport of Pescara, it is the ideal destination if you are looking for sports & adventures, for spiritual experiences, for medieval towns and villages and, undoubtedly, if you are looking for excellent food and wine.

Abruzzo hosts three of the most important national parks  in Italy and several other natural reserves, making the region rank first in Italy for protected natural areas. It allows travelers to enjoy the snow season  and, in Spring and Summer to hike on the imposing mountains, to canoe in the lakes, to listen to the sound of nature in the beautiful woods and in the Primeval Beech Forests (World Heritage Site), to rest in one of the sandy beaches along the Adriatic Coastline and to take a ride on the wild sea cliffs overlooking the Trabocchi Coast (Costa dei Trabocchi).

While walking along the countless paths, the spiritual and rejuvenating benefits obtained from enjoying nature can be amplified by coming across castles, ancient monasteries, abbeys, and hermitages whose overwhelming atmosphere offers refreshment for the soul but also a necessary look on the art and the traditions of this region.

And traditions are proudly kept alive in all the several medieval towns and charming little villages disseminated in the whole region. These places hand down ancient cultures made of history, customs, strong-rooted valuestraditional food, which are always accompanied by a warm and welcoming genuineness.

Thanks to its peculiar biodiversity, Abruzzo is a land rich in precious products cultivated in the different parts of the region: this has created a diverse cuisine that proposes eclectic combinations and flavors from the mountains to the coastline.

Last but not least are the fantastic and superb wines produced here: these are a powerful expression of this land and represent with no doubt one of its excellencies.

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