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The Marvelous Island


It is not easy to think of a unique image that could represent the whole of Sicily, so vast is the richness of its landscapes, history, architecture, literature, and its incredible food and wine culture.

In fact, it is a beautiful amalgam in which we find, for example, lush lemon trees, fascinating stacks of lava stone, and an ancient Greek theater on a coast, while salt flats and windmills draw a charming landscape on the opposite one.

Sicily has always been a land of conquest and encounter of different populations and cultures that have left indelible and precious traces of their passage or permanence, and some become part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This last includes incredible beauties created both by the human genius and by the generous nature. The magnificent Late Baroque towns of Val di Noto, as Ragusa, Noto, and Catania; and the archaeological area of Agrigento, called “Valle dei Templi”, whose state of conservation of the Doric temples of the Hellenic period is exceptional, are some of the most excellent examples of how culture can shape a territory. The incredible volcanic area of the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna are part of the natural wonders this region hosts.

One of the amazing melting pot of this region is undoubtedly its capital city, Palermo, whose roots go back to very ancient times. It was the city of Frederick II and still is a city of vibrant multiculturalism, sharp contrasts and dazzling beauty, unforgettable confectionery products, delicious street food, fallen nobility, and fine intelligentsia. It is simply unmissable.

As mentioned, an essential natural World Heritage site is the Mount Etna: it is an active volcano called by those who live around it as “The Mountain”, “La Montagna”, a feminine name in Italian, which encloses a strong feeling of respect and admiration for this volcano, for its power, its mystery and its frightening “tantrums”. The noise, the smoke, and its continually changing profile are inseparable companions for those who grew up there and who feel themselves as inseparable children of the “Mountain”, even if they live thousands of kilometers away.


And undoubtedly we could define as explosive volcano also the incredible variety and goodness of the Sicilian cuisine and its wine production.

So all that remains is to open your arms wide, breathe deeply into this secular and Mediterranean culturesavor it with an open mind and a welcoming heart, just like that of its inhabitants, and dive into its blue and transparent sea.

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