Italian Villages

Tradition and history

The fascinating villages of Italy

We all know Italy for its art cities, its impressive monuments and its breathtaking landscapes.

However, there is a more concealed and private part of this Country, where rhythms are slower, alleys spread the scents coming from the kitchens and from fireplaces during winter, bringing back memories of childhood, family, and traditions that create a magical atmosphere. And magic is the word that best defines the villages of Italy.

The more you delve into these places, the more you get the feeling houses were built one on the other, and rocks on which they are often located have been stubbornly conquered by the man and remodeled for his needs.

These little jewels are often ancient fortified cities protected by immense walls. Nevertheless, as soon as you pass through one of the city gates, you dive into a maze of streets, stone houses, flowers at the windows, lace curtains, ancient taverns, and small shops where a warm and cozy ambiance speaks of ancient traditions and unchanged tastes.

In many of these villages, it is possible to stay overnight and Italy Wanderlust has selected the best options for you: ancient historic houses and mansions, old houses within the village converted in scattered hotels, boutique hotels and farmhouses with the best and highest standards of hospitality.


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