Spirituality and Art


Umbria is a small region, right in the heart of Italy, which encloses inside a magnificent array of all the good things one thinks of when talking about Italy: art, culture, spirituality, fine craftsmanship, traditional crops, excellent gastronomy, fine wines and of course a luxuriant nature.

And last but not least, people: because they are what really makes the difference, they are always ready to offer gentle and warm hospitality that knows how to be discreet and respectful.

Art cities, ancient villages, and monuments are countless in this region: the elegant Perugia, the lively  SpoletoOrvieto, with its stunning Cathedral, and Gubbio, with its intact medieval charm, are just a few examples.

And of course, Assisi. While strolling around and enjoying it slowly, you will be suddenly surprised by a broad and open view that you will never forget. In the background, the Valley, in the front, the white Romanesque façade of the Basilica of Saint Francis, in gentle contrast with the bright green of the lawn that slopes towards it. This view is an emotion that, whatever your religious beliefs, explains why this city is a symbol of spirituality, brotherhood, and peace.

A journey through Umbria is an authentic experience, a true immersion in the real Italy, to be savored slowly so as not to miss anything.

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